KE Durasol Awnings For Your Lawn, Deck Or Patio

Retractable Awnings by Durasol for Rhode Island and southern New England.

Durasol Awnings

Founded in 1987, KE Durasol has made its mission to provide the US market with the most technologically advanced retractable awnings available. They have succeeded. Their custom solutions combine the best styles with the best materials to ensure that you get the perfect outdoor shading system.

The solar protection Durasol awnings provide helps keep your home cool and expands the usable space around it.

Check out the different outdoor shading systems available.

Suncassette Bella Plus

Durasol’s top of the line Suncassette Bella Plus is available with full- or semi- cassette options. They provide your awning’s fabric with protection from the elements using a unique housing. These awnings can have a length of up to 14′ 3″.

Their top of the line Bella Plus comes with a bottom cover so your awning is protected from the elements of Mother Nature. It is available in the full or semi cassette option. The designers have surpassed technology creating a unique awning that preserves your awning in a full cassette housing. Bella Plus features encapsulated fabric protection with additional arm protection with an expanded projection range up to 14′ 3″ while their width is available from 7′ 4″ to 30′.

The Carina

Open Roof mount carina

The Carina is a cassette awning that is excellent for not only wall mounting but also when a roof mount is required. The Carina has a semi-cassette style hood that entirely protects your awning fabric when it is in the retracted position. They are available in a width range of 4’2″ to 21′, while projectioning out to 13′ 6″. There is a cross arm option for awnings longer than their width. The Carina can be motorized or manual and comes with a 12 year warranty.

 The Sun Shelter Elite Plus Retractable Patio & Deck Awning

What sets the  Elite Plus apart from other awnings is an optional adjustable shoulder to fine tune the pitch of your shade coverage all day, even with the late day sun.  The width range available is 7′ to 46′ (1/4″ increments) while projection ranges from 5’3″ to 13’6″. The awning frame features a polyester powder-coated, chromate-treatment. The Elite Plus can be motorized or manual, comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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