Glass Screen Protectors

Glass Screen Protectors by Karas

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Newport Glass is now offering glass screens and desk dividers from Karas Glass Company.

Karas Glass Screen Divider

We are happy to introduce the Screen Protector by Karas Glass. This safe, high-quality barrier clamp system is engineered for public spaces such as retail, hotels, restaurants, bars and office interiors. This screen protector provides the long-lasting strength and beauty of glass.

Karas Glass Screen Divider

Unlike plexiglass, silicate glass cleans easily and is difficult to scratch. It doesn’t yellow with age and offers the optical clarity that ensures a high level of visibility.

Karas Glass Counter Barrier

The Karas Screen Protector features a high quality aluminum base with a clear anodized finish. It provides excellent stability on counter tops and other surfaces.

Learn more about Karas Glass at their website.

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