Custom Cut Mirrors & Plate Glass

We’ll custom cut flat glass or mirrors for whatever purpose you need.

We know people use mirrors and glass for all sorts of things.  That’s because they come in and tell us what they want to do or what they need replaced. Did a picture frame got knocked over? Are you shooting a music video and want a 8′ mirror to stick on the bottom of a pool? We can probably take care of your needs in these areas. After all, Newport Plate & Mirror Glass was the original name of our company.

With most simple rectangular templates and a standard glass thickness orders can be filled in a couple days. More complicated shapes or specialized glass will take a bit longer.

We have 1/8″ and 1/4″ mirror glass in stock and can custom cut for any application.

Custom mirror cabinet in bathroomCustom bevels are also available, but will need to be factory ordered. The same goes for any tempered glass.

So if you have any cool DIY projects that need some quality plate glass or a nice mirror, don’t hesitate to contact us. Likewise, if you’re just trying to get your place back together after your teenagers got too rowdy, we can help that happen too.

What We’ll Need To Start

Here at Newport Glass we live and breathe by templates and dimensions. You can take the measurements yourself and you know the thickness of the glass, then things should be quick and easy…or you can just bring in either the cracked glass that you want replaced or the picture frame/cabinet/wagon wheel that you’re looking to having a piece of glass or mirror cut for. Lastly, we’ll happily come to your business or residence for if the object you’re looking to have fitted is a bit too immobile.

Give us a call at (401)847-2333 from 9am-4pm Mon-Fri or leave us a message in this contact form.

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